Independent Living Skills training (ILS training)

Robland Home Health Care Independent Living Skills training (ILS training) are services that develop, maintain, and improve the community living skills of a person. ILS is direct training from a staff person to address the identified skill development needs of a person in the areas of: Communication skills, community living and mobility, interpersonal skills, reduction or elimination of maladaptive behavior, self-care, and sensory or motor development involved in acquiring functional skills. It is available to those on a Medicaid Home and Community- Based Waiver.

ILS training must be provided in the person’s home or in community settings typically used by the general public.

The following are examples of ILS training provided in the person’s home and/or community setting:

  • learning how to cook in the person’s kitchen
  • learning how to deposit money by going to a bank or ATM
  • using the bus system to learn how to ride a bus.

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