Employment Support Services

Robland provides Employment support services to support the person independent. Robland services are designed and delivered by professionals who approach each participant with the respect and compassion they deserve.
Employment support services define as individualized services and supports that help people maintain paid employment in community businesses/settings. Employment support services occur in integrated community settings

Employment Support Services requires direct contact:

Job Analysis & Job re-design: Robland provides a culture of care with consistency and structure in a compassionate manner, ensuring individuals feel valued and supported in employment services.

Coaching & Supporting: Acceptable workplace self-care, proper dress, personal hygiene and grooming.

Job Training & Coaching: To strengthen and maintain necessary work skills, behaviors and coworker relationships.

Job-related counseling and support: Help client to understand earned wages and impact on benefits.

Training & Coaching: Client on job-related transportation.

Progress review & Reporting meetings: Documentation

In-service Transportation: We listen to the individuals we support and tailor our work to what’s important to and for them.

Employment Support Services requires non-direct contact:

Arrangement for Adaptive Accommodations: E.g., Modified work tasks or responsibilities, flexible schedules, telecommuting, etc.

Arrangement for Assistive Technology: E.g., ergonomic workstations, magnifiers, speech-to-text or text-to-speech software, captioning, audio or visual cueing, etc. .

Advocacy: Provides negotiation and liaison communication with the employer.

Development: And strengthen natural work supports

Research: And coordination for job-related transportation

Working with the Employer: To design and implement set schedules for ongoing follow-up support, job coach sharing, fading out and monitoring.

Formation of Skilled: Job –specific, work crews and job enclaves for group employment support service arrangements.

Data Collection: Documentation and progress reports on a person’s work performance.

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