Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) is available under the home and community-based waiver, public funding that allows people to live independently.

Anyone using CDCS must have a Fiscal Support Entity like  Robland home care and they must choose one of three service models depending on the level of control and responsibilities desired.

Under all models, the fiscal support entity is responsible for several activities including billing, medical assistance and expense verification and reporting to the County and the Department of Human Services.

As a financial management services firm in the state of Minnesota, Robland home care has an excellent track record of providing high quality service for all three models. Under all models the consumer or consumer’s representative assumes the role of employer. Robland home care assumes the role of fiscal agent.


Agency with Choice

Under this model, the Consumer is the Managing Employer, while Robland home care is the Common Law Employer. This is a dual employment arrangement which allows you to choose and manage your staff but Robland home care has final discretion over hiring decisions and sole authority to terminate staff. Robland home care handles all payroll responsibilities, including employee paychecks, tax withholding, employment taxes and providing workers compensation for all employees. Robland home care provides you with administrative support and tools to manage your employees.

*This model is often chosen by people who want more support and involvement from the FSE and/or are not hiring family members that are eligible for tax savings.

Consumer = Managing Employer
Robland home care = Common Law Employer


Payroll Agent

The Consumer is the Employer but purchases payroll services from Robland home care. As the Payroll Agent, Robland home care handles all payroll responsibilities including employee paychecks, tax withholding and employment taxes. Robland home care can facilitate purchase of Worker’s Compensation insurance for applicable employees. Robland home care will handle set up process for establishing Consumer as the Common Law Employer.

*This model is often chosen by Consumer’s or representatives hiring family members as there are substantial tax savings for certain family employees. (See “Household Employee Tax Exemption Grid” for more details)

Consumer = Common Law Employer and Managing Employer
Robland home care = Payroll Agent


Fiscal Conduit

The Consumer is the sole Employer and responsible for all aspects of managing this household business. Consumer handles all payroll responsibilities, including paying employees directly, withholding and depositing of taxes and obtaining worker’s compensation insurance for applicable employees. Payroll and other reimbursable expenses are submitted to Robland home care for reimbursement after services are rendered.

*This model is often chosen by people who own an existing business and can integrate the payroll responsibilities into that structure.
*This model is also used for people who do not utilize any staffing services, and only purchase non payroll related goods and services.

Consumer = Common Law Employer and Managing Employer
Robland home care = Fiscal Conduit

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